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Lamp Post


Wiring Instructions for Fixture (not included)
Connect fixture hot wire (black wire, or round and smooth wire) to the supply hot wire using a wire nut.
Connect fixture common wire (white wire, or square and rigid) to the supply common wire using a wire nut.
Connect supply ground wire (green or bare conductor) and fixture ground wire (green or bare conductor) using a wire nut.
Gently pull on wires to confirm secure connections.


Wiring Instructions for Eye (eye not included with all models)
Connect to supply wires as shown below.
Never connect ground wire to black or white supply wires. Caution: Eye max 1000 watts.
When connecting wires, loop wires below eye (shown below) to avoid water accumulation.


Lamp Post Installation
Install post into ground using appropriate installation method. Note: When installing, be sure a minimum of 12" of post is buried. (Please refer to your local codes to obtain acceptable burial depths for your installation.) Use PVC sleeving when installing in concrete.
Insert ladder rung and add caps. (not included with all models)
Slide fixture fitter onto post and secure.