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Adjustable Jack Post

For metal beam, place post as shown. For wood structures, flip jack post so that screw is at the bottom.
TIME: 5–10 minutes
TOOLS: adjustable wrench
Model Tested To At Min Ext Tested To At Max Ext
C1C 15,500 lbs. 9,100 lbs.
CMA 26,400 lbs. 18,800 lbs.
C79G 14,200 lbs. 11,350 lbs.
C2T 17,150 lbs. 13,000 lbs.
C3T 17,900 lbs. 15,750 lbs.
C4T 18,000 lbs. 18,000 lbs.


Place flat side of plate on solid footing. Place large diameter post on plate.
For Model 4T, skip steps 2 and 4.


Insert small diameter post inside large post.
For maximum height, insert with holes at bottom. Reverse for shorter applications.


Place adjustment nut and screw on top of small diameter post.


Lift small diameter post to highest position. Align holes and place carriage bolts through outer and inner posts. Install acorn nut and tighten.


Place remaining plate on top of flat screw with flat side toward beam.
Level and plumb both sections of jack before and during lifting to ensure it is perpendicular.
Use adjustable wrench to complete assembly.
A sagging floor should be lifted gradually, one-half turn per week.